Year 1986


 About us

In the 80’s we successfully bred Asian Leopard Cats (ALC).  We managed to breed some kittens from wild cats and after being artificially fed they became extremely tame especially towards us and to the people who adopted them with whom they bonded a very close and special relationship which is obviously quite unique.  The curiosity, vitality and unconstrained playfulness of these cats has been sorely missed, ever since the prohibition for detaining these species came into act; (as well as been included in the list of “dangerous animals” introduced in 1992 and with the Ministry on Health and Environment making it definite with the Ministerial decree on the 19th April 1996), making it impossible to go on with our breeding program which was abruptly interrupted and the exemplary cats we possessed slowly passed away.

Now after many years, this new approach to Bengal cats has awakened our old passion; this wonderful breed, as well as being extremely docile and affectionate,  also has all the qualities that made us love the Asian Leopard Cat, like their astonishingly beautiful coat, their incredible agility when in motion, their lively intelligence and their constant awareness of  people and their surrounding environment.

 When we decided to breed Bengal cats we started to look for reproducers.  When choosing the right reproducer we wanted to privilege specimens that came from kittens that had preserved the characteristics of the ALC’s in the conformation of the head and face, colour and coat appearance.  We were drawn towards the best known blood lines that transmit the fantastic dark rosettes coat markings in contrast to a brightly gold coloured fur.

We have a small breeding place and we want to keep it that way because we deliberately want to keep our cats as family members where they can share everyday domestic life together with us.  This way they will be able to develop and maintain an extremely docile and sweet temperament.  A limited number of cats will also enable us to take better care of their health, both kittens and adults alike.



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